Why the Rocketing Rise of CEEK Virtual Reality’s Blockchain Streaming Platform will continue well beyond the Pandemic

Today video streaming companies like Zoom are worth more than the 7 biggest airlines, Zoom is worth a whopping $48.8 Billion in valuation. The global pandemic lockdown has removed the luxury of choice for many of us in how we communicate, interact and entertain ourselves, driving a rocket boom of video streaming apps like Tik Tok, Twitch and CEEK VR.

Well before the COVID-19 pandemic, CEEK was building a blockchain enabled streaming platform for virtual reality events and experiences and enabling performers and content creators to extend the reach of their content globally. Think of the CEEK platform as iTunes for Virtual Reality and the VR headset as the iPod that allows you to play the content.

With the VR Headset and the CEEK App, users are able to transport to various worlds and venues within CEEK to enjoy experiences with friends. CEEK is building the gathering spaces of the future, and the CEEK coin enables Ceekers to buy and trade products and services within that world.

Prior to CEEK VR’s award-winning Virtual and Augmented Reality Experiences dApp and associated VR hardware VR seemed to be a thing for gamers only.

CEEK has made it extremely easy for users (even crypto newbies) to access their platform with their CEEK coins. Each CEEK account has an Ethereum address, so users can easily transfer their coins for purchases, or login with Facebook, Apple or email. Rather than trying to drag users who are completely unfamiliar with crypto and VR to complicated setups, CEEK is meeting users where they already are; then ushering them into the new world. CEEK will drive massive mainstream adoption of their coin and ultimately new crypto currency users as a result.

CEEK offers content creators a single virtual streaming service for multiple devices. Ceekers pay for content once and access it across multiple devices.

CEEK + the Blockchain

CEEK is building a massive infrastructure to support the entertainment and education ecosystem by decentralizing rights management, cryptographic authentication of digital and physical assets and reporting.

CEEK is solving perhaps one of the biggest problems facing the streaming market today which is TRUST. Content rights owners such as record labels, movie studios, musical artists and premium content creators rely on reporting from streaming platforms as a trusted source of consumption data. This is a point of friction since rights owners have to blindly rely on internal data from distribution platforms that they cannot audit or verify for payment of content royalties. By verifying streams on the blockchain. CEEK enables rights owners to track what was watched. In addition to transparent content rights management, CEEK offers automatic payment of rights owners via smart contracts.

Scaling Streaming on the Ethereum Network.

In order to reduce latency and exorbitant costs associated with scaling CEEK’s streaming service on the blockchain, they have teamed up with Microsoft Azure to develop a streaming Token and custom solution for User subscription access control and viewership tracking. How this works is that when a user signs up and creates a subscription on the CEEK App, the subscription metadata is deployed as a token with on-chain metadata that can be used to record the information about the transaction. Content viewership tracking information is summarized at the end of period as a consumption report written to Ethereum Network Mainnet. The report is available on the blockchain for rights owners to verify viewership information transparently.

These features and more have made CEEK a “trusted voice” providing a streamlined content monetization solution for the biggest names in music, sports and entertainment in general.

The CEEK streaming platform is built on the premise of helping content creators (mainly musical artists) extend their reach and visibility globally. Each year only an estimated 1% of the billions of music artists fans are able to attend their in person concerts. For example, 10 Million fans of multiple Grammy winning artist Adele fans attempted to buy 100,000 tickets that were available for Adele’s 6-Night show at Madison Square Garden. 1% acquired tickets, 99% of potential buyers left ticketless and disappointed. “The CEEK VR platform was created to sell tickets to the 9.9 Million people who were unable to attend the show and the billions of others who are unable to go to live events each year.” States CEEK founder Mary Spio.

Top charting Rock stars, Guns N Roses sold out of 1 Million tickets in just 24 hours, with all tour venue capacity filled, they simply couldn’t add any more tickets. The band’s concert is available for sale on www.ceek.com making it possible for their fans around the globe to access their concert.

CEEK is also creating visibility for undersold shows enabling events to reach a greater audience than what is possible at a physical location.

A case study from CEEK shows a physical show at the O2 Brixton which held 5000 attendees, CEEK extended the reach of the show to 205,000 + attendees virtually.

Recently CEEK held a virtual event for Ghana’s top artists and more than 1 million people globally tried to access the content at the same time on the companies’ website and Virtual Reality dApp.

The CEEK platform allows content creators to earn revenue directly from their userbase by selling cryptographically authenticated virtual tickets and blockchain verified digital assets.

While CEEK today looks like the “Ticketmaster of Virtual Events” ultimately, it’s a decentralized marketplace for Content creators. CEEK is using blockchain for exactly what the blockchain ecosystem needs to have the mainstream utilization. Today digital assets are gaining more utility and value than physical assets in gaming and virtual communities. CEEK is used to securely validate and verify transactions and provide an immutable record of exchanges on the blockchain.

The Legendary Bob Marley’s 75th Birthday was celebrated by his global icon son Ziggy Marley exclusively on www.ceek.com

Virtual Learning and Remote Working
With Covid 19, CEEK’s services are in very high demand not just by the entertainment industry but also by schools, videoconferencing for remote workers, communication, collaboration, social connection and by every business imaginable. The current pandemic has made it clear that businesses need to make arrangements for virtual parallels now and even after the pandemic. This presents a unique opportunity for CEEK to grow both its revenue and market share. Twitter, Facebook and Microsoft are among major companies who have made public their plans to allow their employees to permanently telecommute.

CEEK offers a uniquely communal experience for schools, conferences, meetings and product launches with the energy of a live event. Enabling super realistic avatars that can interact with each other. CEEK is building the ability for users to buy and trade digital goods on the platform including clothes, houses and the digital equivalent of anything you can see or imagine in the real world.

Envision watching a corporate presentation together in a log cabin in Aspen, on a beach resort in Fiji or a team building meeting in a Safari in Africa. All this and more is within an arm’s reach. We can also tailor the platform to your needs.

Many schools in the U.S. and around the world have also announced plans for virtual learning. Schools particularly present a significant growth opportunity for CEEK as demand for virtual learning seems to become the new normal moving forward.

CEEK was originally in consideration as a supplement to existing school curriculum, but now many schools are looking to CEEK as a primary means of instruction. Schools clearly understand the CEEK value proposition now.

CEEK VR Classrooms and CEEK Health offer an alternative to traditional learning that is very scalable with the opportunity to revolutionize networked learning. Schools can create courses and virtual classrooms that become open to the world.

CEEK conducted studies to prove the effectiveness of using VR for education. CEEK is one of organization that was picked by Facebook Oculus to do such studies with esteemed universities like Harvard, Yale, John Hopkins and New York University (NYU). See https://www.oculus.com/blog/oculus-education-partners-with-research-institutions-to-explore-vrs-impact-on-learning-outcomes/

CEEK teamed with the greatest NBA and sports players and partners to offer a camp for everyone to learn sports. They are doing the same for people looking to develop careers in space and technology.

3x NBA All Star Champion Dwyane Wade announced a partnership with CEEK to launch his longstanding Dwyane Wade Virtual Celebrity Sports Academy — basketball camp virtually on the CEEK platform.

Growing CEEK’s value with content demand generation engine.
Artists, performers and content creators on the CEEK Platform have a built-in audience of millions in fanbase. As artist fans use the platform and share their content it creates a viral network effect. CEEK plans to scale this growth by offering more tools to help content creators and developers to take control of their destiny with the platform. CEEK has integrated AI content search, discovery and recommendation tools that make it easy for fans to buy content and for artists to generate revenue.

This is an explosive content demand engine that will drive demand for the company’s coin that is used to track content usage. Imagine 1000 content creators with a minimum of 1,000,000 each on a monthly basis generating the demand for billions of coins for various events. CEEK is achieving rapid growth through its massive partners who have a built-in audience with a pent-up demand for what CEEK offers.

5G is here — Reports indicate that the 5G boom could create a global industry worth US $12.3 TRILLION. 5G will bring high mobile data rates which will improve capabilities for AR and VR devices while reducing latency. This will increase the use of mobile VR for collaboration, communication and socializing. 5G has the potential to be a major driver for scaling the AR/VR market.

Even after COVID-19 is a dot in our collective rear view mirror, steaming and virtual worlds would be permanently changed. While the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of video streaming services, this fundamental change in media was already on the way for CEEK and the entire web. CEEK and others just helped usher in this new means of communication known as Web 3.0.

All these factors significantly expand CEEK’s total addressable market and opportunity for growth. CEEK has already gained traction with major partners such as Apple, T-Mobile and Target. CEEK is using blockchain and crypto for exactly what the blockchain ecosystem needs to have the mainstream utilization.

A Great Team — CEEK is seeing great progress as a result of the team’s proven track record, expertise and relationships. The CEEK executive team comes with a proven track record of industry leaders ranging from Microsoft, Boeing, The Walt Disney Company, Dreamworks SKG, 20th Century Fox, Verizon and Zynga. The strength of the company is the strength of the team’s relationship and expertise. CEEK is not like most projects in the crypto space. This team has real products, partners and success.



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