Why Cryptocurrency is the Future of Humanity

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The Kardashev Scale

In 1964, Russian astronomer Nikolai Kardashev created a system for tracking the advancement of civilizations. His scale was focused on energy usage and consumption to measure the progress of human civilization. The Kardashev Scale boils down to three main categories:

The question now is, how can we harness more resources to our benefit and where does cryptocurrency fit in all of this?

While some like to claim that cryptocurrencies are bad for the environment and wasting energy, according to the Kardashev Scale, it is cryptocurrencies and blockchain networks that are leading to a more advanced human civilization. The good news is there are new advances in blockchain technology that enable environmentally sustainable networks which consume a fraction of what current networks take to mine.

Serving the financially disenfranchised

If the goal of Kardashev was to advance all of humanity, it must be acknowledged that the current financial system only benefits selected individuals and countries. Billions of people around the globe don’t have access to the financial tools and resources they need daily. Imagine how much more of the world we can open once payment systems are seamless globally?

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Our role in the future of finance

At CEEK, we truly believe in the power of digital currencies to change the world. I previously mentioned how there are billions of people around the world who are currently underserved financially by the current traditional systems. This is no different in the world of content.

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