Why Cryptocurrency is the Future of Humanity

5 min readAug 27, 2021


Today it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t heard of bitcoin or NFTs, we are headed into a virtual future that is irrefutable.

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Cryptocurrency has two sides in popular culture. On one side there is the traditional financial system which has a vested interest in maintaining the status quo for the greater global economy. On the other side is an entirely new technological approach that doesn’t just stand to revolutionize finance, but to move human civilization forward in a new and exciting manner.

Cryptocurrencies aren’t just the future of finance; they hold the key to unlocking an even greater human potential not yet realized.

The Kardashev Scale

In 1964, Russian astronomer Nikolai Kardashev created a system for tracking the advancement of civilizations. His scale was focused on energy usage and consumption to measure the progress of human civilization. The Kardashev Scale boils down to three main categories:

Type I — Uses and stores all energy available on the planet (also known as planetary civilization)

Type II — Uses and controls energy of the planetary system (also known as stellar civilization)

● Type III — Uses and stores energy on par with the entire galaxy (also known as galactic civilization)

In short, the Kardashev scale measures how efficient a civilization is at harnessing the energy available to it. Currently, human civilization hasn’t even yet reached the Type I level as explained by Kardashev, as we are unable to utilize all of the energy on planet Earth to our benefit. Being able to harness more of the energy on our planet will cause human civilization to advance on the Kardashev scale.

The question now is, how can we harness more resources to our benefit and where does cryptocurrency fit in all of this?

While some like to claim that cryptocurrencies are bad for the environment and wasting energy, according to the Kardashev Scale, it is cryptocurrencies and blockchain networks that are leading to a more advanced human civilization. The good news is there are new advances in blockchain technology that enable environmentally sustainable networks which consume a fraction of what current networks take to mine.

Technological advancements always have their opponents, but in the end we all agree that technology moves our civilization forward.

Take the internet as a great example. Originally there were multiple internets on which users communicated and sent messages. However, it wasn’t until the internet became a universal highway of information and communication that it really took off as the most revolutionary technology of our time.

Just like the internet is a universal information hub, it is believed that through universal mediums of exchange that money will be the next technological advancement to move us higher on the Kardashev Scale. The internet does not work efficiently with current monetary systems, and instead, will greatly benefit from the integration of cryptocurrencies as the economic layer of the web. We are in a highly digitized world, and a digital world needs a digital currency to be highly effective.

Blockchain networks that underpin cryptocurrencies, when put into perspective, are more cost-effective and transparent than traditional systems.

Serving the financially disenfranchised

If the goal of Kardashev was to advance all of humanity, it must be acknowledged that the current financial system only benefits selected individuals and countries. Billions of people around the globe don’t have access to the financial tools and resources they need daily. Imagine how much more of the world we can open once payment systems are seamless globally?

We integrated the CEEK token into our global streaming platform for virtual events and experiences, to solve for the lack of universal payments systems around the globe.

The CEEK token reduces the need to integrate thousands of complicated payment systems needed in countries where PayPal, credit cards and banking are not easily accessible. You’d be surprised to learn that Ukraine for example doesn’t have PayPal.

PayPal is also not available in various countries in Africa. Most of these places require mobile payment integration from a variety of mobile carriers. The issue with that is the number of API’s that must be integrated into an App, as well the issue that arise since many of the mobile carriers do not maintain their APIs.

All these factors limit content creators and businesses from tapping into many of the global opportunities that the digital world has to offer.

Cryptocurrencies have come to level the playing field and allow underserved populations the same financial access as the rest of the world.

Cryptocurrency company Luno has already reached 7 million users, with most of them in Africa with Nigeria consistently has reaching millions in crypto trading volumes per week.

Venezuela has the third-highest cryptocurrency usage in the world, even as its local economy continues to face challenges.

El Salvador, a country that has up until this point used US dollars as its local currency, recently implemented Bitcoin as a form of legal tender.

Cryptocurrency is creating opportunities for many underserved communities, which benefits human civilization.

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Our role in the future of finance

At CEEK, we truly believe in the power of digital currencies to change the world. I previously mentioned how there are billions of people around the world who are currently underserved financially by the current traditional systems. This is no different in the world of content.

There are amazing entertainers, educators and other content creators living in many parts of the world with stellar content to provide but without the CEEK integrations mentioned above, they cannot monetize their content without jumping through a ton of hurdles.

Traditional platforms like YouTube are unable to serve these global markets well since YouTube artist compensation is dependent on advertisers in the artist local country. This is one of the reasons why many global artists are poorly compensated for their work if at all.

The use of CEEK ensures that content creators, can directly generate revenue from their audiences, regardless of their geography.

How CEEK is using crypto is a simple example of what a universal payment system can do for progress in one industry — live streaming and virtual reality. There are many other uses of crypto currencies that are here today and in the works to democratize accessing the global power of our digital world, all while moving our human civilization forward at the same time.

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