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Let’s Build Together

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In the past few years, CEEK has become one of the leading metaverse platforms used by many. We are very proud of the progress to date, and equally grateful for the 6.5 M+ Ceeker community that we’ve amassed to date. CEEK is a metaverse where creators can own, build and monetize their work in virtual worlds through shows, events, concerts, NFTs and other unique experiences. The CEEK Metaverse already features content and experiences from the likes of Lady Gaga, Ziggy Marley, Daddy Yankee, and Luis Fonsi with more content coming from the likes of Future, Kodak Black and J Balvin.

CEEK Metaverse features experiences from the biggest names in music, sports and entertainment

With the land sale, we are opening the CEEK Metaverse to creators, developers and ceekers to own, build and monetize their experiences leveraging what CEEK has accomplished to date. We can’t wait to see what you will create by enabling access to CEEK’s core utility and resources needed for distribution across multiple worlds, devices and apps. The possibilities are truly limitless.

The CEEK community is always looking for new and engaging content and experiences, so we expect to see rapid growth as you the community create, host and develop the events and experiences you want to see, alongside our partners, superstars and influencers for their fandom as we all build together.

CEEK Land is an ERC-721 standard non-fungible, traversable, transferrable digital property with advanced marketplace functionality.

CEEK land can be accessed via land.ceek.com Users may use Metamask or CEEK wallet to buy land. Additional wallet integrations coming in future phases.


After logging into the application, user can browse the grid of parcels and select the one that user wants to buy.



· Land can be acquired via auction or fixed price. Each block type has a different starting price.

· Landowners will have control of what they do with their land, creating a variety of experiences, apps and games.

· Landowners can sell, rent and stake.

· A huge differentiator for CEEK land is the upcoming marketplace to enable no code creation of turnkey virtual worlds, venues and more. In addition, landowners can host events by creators on the platform to generate rewards.

· Landowners may also build custom games, apps and more. All properties will be NFTs enabling trading, selling and sharing assets in other worlds.

· Landowners will earn 3 % of ticket sales for events hosted on their property.

· Landowners can also stake on other venues for rewards corresponding to their contribution %.

A 5% fee will be charged for all CEEK transactions in the CEEK Metaverse, which will go towards sustaining the CEEK ecosystem and community rewards.

A marketplace to trade properties, goods and services will be launched for developers to sell venues, galleries, properties, apps, avatar accessories, worlds, cars, fashions and much more for CEEK landowners to easily build out their land. This will be a no code option for landowners, even though without developer experience to quickly build out their land and offer it for use.

CEEK Venues enable users to teleport to various experiences

Avatars are an essential part of creating one’s digital identity and customizing and making avatars unique in the metaverse is creating a whole new economy. Forbes indicates that “The world will embrace the Metaverse as a fashion capital.”

Just as in the real world, people care about how they look when they step out into the virtual world; be it to the office, school, party or a sports game. We are excited for developers to help retailers, sport teams, and more build out their avatar wears for the metaverse.

Life Re-Imagined Virtually

The Metaverse is a digital representation and extension of our physical world, thoughts, and imagination. It is how we visualize data, communicate, and interact digitally. There are levels of immersion when it comes to how we visualize the world.

In Web 1.0, we had the technology to mainly communicate and interact through text and pictures, it was a 1-dimensional web.

With technological advancements, Web 2.0 added video, easy content creation and social interaction, it was a 2-dimensional web.

Now with advances in crypto, graphics and more, we are ushering in Web 3.0 adding more immersion with VR, AR and making the Metaverse 3 dimensional.

The Metaverse is the next iteration of the web and comes with the opportunity for all of us to create and write the rules of engagement. As the world moves towards spending more time in the virtual world, your digital identity is the key to unlocking value, wealth and more in the next media evolution.

Hallmarks of Web 3.0 is decentralization, ownership, value creation and transfer and inclusivity.

1. Utility — Creation and transfer of value with inclusive compelling content, experiences, and apps

2. Ease of Use — Accessibility to experiences without friction

3. Real World Connectivity — Duality of digital identities and real-world value

4. Safety — Ability to transact free of dishonesty, bias, and harassment

The CEEK utility token is built around well-defined custom features to support long term sustainability of the CEEK Metaverse for creators, developers, and consumers.

CEEK Metaverse empowers creators to monetize content and unique experiences in virtual worlds.

While many projects depend on hype, with no real basis for utility, demand, revenue or long-term sustainability and success; CEEK offers turnkey, streamlined metaverse capabilities, building real opportunities for the entire ecosystem to plug and play.

Traditional platforms today typically generate revenue and derive value from creators with little to no compensation. CEEK was created to make content distribution and monetization in virtual worlds simple, fair and transparent no matter where you are in the world.

The CEEK token makes content usage and tracking transparent for rights owners as well offer automatic payment via smart contracts. CEEK is doing exactly what the blockchain ecosystem needs to have the mainstream utilization it asserts will be created.

CEEK VR teamed with Microsoft to offer content usage tracking on the blockchain along with automatic payments of rights owners via CEEK’s streaming token template. We plan to enable Metaverse for enterprise through Microsoft Marketplace.

CEEK’s set of tools, SDK/APIs and infrastructure were created to sync across platforms and seamlessly enable utilization. CEEK SDKs are essential for key metaverse development, usage and processing tasks, such as asynchronous time warp, lens distortion correction, and stereoscopic rendering, power, thermal, and processing management in various hardware setups.

CEEK will open SDKs to streamline and accelerate these key processing tasks for application developers. Additionally, CEEK will include an SDK with multi-language support, wallets and payment gateways that allow developers to customize their metaverse environments for multi-player functions, music, entertainment, gaming experiences and more.

Interoperability and ability to easily create, share and transfer value across various virtual worlds is key to the growth and sustainability of the Metaverse.

CEEK is currently ingesting 10+ feed types of varying content formats, sources, and sizes including content updates, rights changes, geographic entitlements, pricing management and more across multiple platforms and supporting various chains and others in the ecosystem.

CEEK distributes various formats and experiences across multiple platforms

CEEK has been awarded six patents covering the range of metaverse technologies including spatialized audio, environmental geometry, material data, and physics. This is all related to our content ingestion and distribution engine which provides an integrated content platform connecting multiple VR channels (Mobile VR, PCVR, Console VR, Desktop, and Web VR equipment such as Quest, HTC Vive, etc.). Our patents ensure that others do not copy and prevent the ecosystem from freely accessing critical marketplace solutions that CEEK will open to the ecosystem.

Many competitors are focusing on building niche games for a small subsect of users. Since launch, CEEK has focused on driving mainstream adoption through social networking, entertainment, media, and education. We have focused on building infrastructure, resources, and tools for anyone even without developer experience to quickly build, create and monetize experiences in the CEEK Metaverse.

By reducing the complexities of building for and accessing the Metaverse we increase the speed of adoption so anyone with the talent, passion and desire can play, work and live in the Metaverse. Turning your content into virtual reality should be as simple as uploading your video to YouTube and sharing it with the world.

CEEK Wallets are easy to use and tailored for mass adoption, we’ve completed integrations with various mobile operators, easy sign in with Facebook, Apple ID, and others. Most consumers are reluctant to use crypto because there are too many hurdles to jump over to get to the cash register. By making the experiences accessible via a simple wallet and various platforms, CEEK addresses the frustration of having to sift through various dapps and websites just to access a metaverse.

CEEK serves as an on-ramp to the VR Metaverse, creating long term value for VR device makers who can shortcut their sales process by marketing to our users and vice versa.

Without cross-platform interoperability and standards, multiple SDK/APIs must be supported to transfer assets across different worlds. The result is high development costs and confused users, thereby limiting market growth. CEEK makes VR content accessible and easy for partners, content creators, developers, and end users.

CEEK Metaverse Explorer
The ability for Ceekers to spatially explore their world provides a real-world frame of reference that facilitates easy organic discovery, interaction and seamless integration for advertising partners that are non-intrusive.

Spatial Discovery in the CEEK Metaverse

Bringing real life experiences into the metaverse is at the core of the CEEK metaverse. CEEK has always been about offering users experiences they can enjoy every day; from music to educational content, sports, and documentaries — fully immersed in the middle of the action and always with the best seat in the house. CEEK worlds are as close to real as possible, yet magical; to be enjoyed virtually. Metaverse residents will need content and experiences of mass appeal beyond games.

Ceekers are the heartbeat of the CEEK ecosystem and will play many roles in Ceek City. By enabling CEEK land Ceekers can enjoy exciting premium experiences and possibilities. Ceek inserts users in a fully immersive VR world from start to finish, including organic integration of branded experiences and signage with environment, which can be targeted and activated by user interest.

Developers increase earning possibilities by creating exciting goods and services for a preexisting loyal fanbase. Developers are the backbone of our ecosystem creating a wide range of applications driving a robust metaverse economy. Our goal at CEEK is to equip developers for the CEEK ecosystem with the tools SDK/API needed to build and monetize as fast as possible. Why reinvent the wheel, when you can simply re-position it? CEEK is teaming with one of the premier universities to educate and grow future metaverse builders and entrepreneurs

Creators — Attracting top quality content, events, and experiences, along with easy spatial discovery in 3D Worlds will be key to user and revenue growth and offering creators opportunities for unlimited earnings. We believe every creator should be empowered with the tools and opportunity to scale and monetization in the metaverse. Content creators can offer shows, virtual concerts, AMAs, workshops, conferences, product launches and other events tailored to the interests of their fans, all hosted in different venues.

Collaborating and leveraging partners and creators with existing audiences is vital to attracting and holding the interest of users.

Music is the starting point for CEEK. Music is a gateway to Metaverse adoption and utility. Of the earth’s 7.8 billion inhabitants, you will be very hard pressed to find many people who hate all forms of music. Music is the universal love that we all share. With the land sale, we look forward to seeing the additional doors in sports, education and many other areas opened to the inhabitants of the CEEK Metaverse.

Curators & Scouts — Curators are paid CEEK Tokens to find and submit a wide range of high-quality artists, talent, content, and experiences for CEEK city. Curators can build artist demand lists for live show approval, playlists for lounges and immersive educational courses and much more.

Partners — CEEK boasts a growing ecosystem of world-class partners who are using the CEEK Platform to scale existing content in virtual reality as well distribute original experiences. CEEK’s solution for entertainment partners is to create new revenue streams to replace declining, traditional revenue sources. Partners enable audience amplification, global reach and extension.

Governors & Vice Governors — Officials elected by landowners to govern their land, cities etc. Governors can apply to join the Blockchain Congress, add or remove voting members, issue executive orders, and have veto powers over the activities on their land.

Revenue Streams

1. Virtual Event Tickets & Subscriptions

2. NFT Marketplace (Land Sale, Virtual Merch, Properties)

3. Transaction Fees

4. Brand Sponsorships

5. Physical products & Collectables

Organic Brand Sponsorships and Integration in CEEK Metaverse

Social Features
Humans are creatures of community and enjoy the shared energy of watching their favorite teams, band, or conference together. The CEEK application enables many real-time social functions such as text chat, social mode and soon voice chat and scheduling to join others in activities in the CEEK Metaverse.

Social events in CEEK Metaverse simulate the communal experience of being at a real event

Realistic Synchronous communication with other users, allows people to enjoy experiences together from the ends of the world. You may look at each other during the event. Such features serve to simulate the experience of attending live events with friends.


A quality metaverse experience starts with the ability for users to transact free of dishonesty, bias, and harassment. CEEK will use best efforts and measures to minimize bad actors within the CEEK Metaverse.

CEEK will offer verification through an optional KYC process for landowners, marketplace sellers and the community.

Users can join events publicly, limit access to friends only or remain completely private.

CEEK user accounts are mapped to CEEK Metaverse directly to enable accessibility of user NFT’s while in-world, across partner platforms and allow rare perks in real time.

VR Analytics
CEEK’s backend analytics will provide deep insights, interaction time, heat maps and other visual telemetry on how users are interacting with our environments and media views for payments tracking, improved content discovery and organic non-intrusive advertising integration. The dashboard will also provide aggregated transaction and user reports across multiple platforms and VR devices.

CEEK VR Heatmap Advertiser Insight

CEEK is rapidly becoming a “trusted voice” providing a streamlined content monetization solution for the biggest names in music, sports, and entertainment.

As the industry leader, CEEK has been covered by numerous publications

The CEEK Metaverse is very well positioned to leverage the network effect of the superstars, partners, and influencers already on board and the many to come. Using the combined fanbase to accelerate user growth to millions and ultimately billions. We’re ecstatic for the future of the metaverse and the opportunity to build with together in CEEK LAND.

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