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Thank you Ceekers for your ongoing support. We continue to make great strides. Last year was one of our best years yet. This year will be a critical transitional growth year for CEEK. Building on the current success and momentum, we continue to invest the necessary resources, secure and maintain vital partnerships, all the while continuing to build and provide the unmatched products and breakthrough content our Ceekers expect and demand from the platform.

It seems that the whole world has gone META!!! Morgan Stanley estimates that the Metaverse is an $8TRILLION addressable market. Metaverse an US$8 trillion addressable market, says Morgan Stanley

CEEK is hyper focused on the CEEK Metaverse and is well positioned to expand engagement with consumers, creators, and brands. CEEK’s streaming platform already enables music artists and other creators to connect with fans in virtual worlds through virtual events, NFTs and other unique experiences.

The CEEK Metaverse can be accessed via VR headsets like Oculus, HTC Vive and our own CEEK mobile VR headset and on www.ceek.com. CEEK features the biggest names in music including Lady Gaga, Ziggy Marley and Demi Lovato. Highlights from 2021 include Ellen Show, Stephen Marley and Harmonize virtual concert.

CEEK is a virtual community (Metaverse) where users can play, learn, and live together in shared digital spaces. CEEK utilizes an integrated approach to connect consumers, creators, and brands in one-of-a kind virtual experiences.

$CEEK is the in-world utility token for the CEEK Metaverse

Our growth strategy focuses on creating a cohesive approach that optimize and amplify various components of the CEEK platform, user experience and revenue opportunities.

The goal of the various partnerships is increasing mainstream use and adoption of the $CEEK Token with a mission of becoming the defacto token for digital stream usage verification and global payments. We continue to engage retail stores for CEEK products, strategic partners and trusted exchanges that can enable access to our in-app utility token $CEEK.

CEEK is currently partnered with Meta Oculus, Apple and Microsoft. Partnerships enable CEEK to accelerate user growth with well-established audiences.


CEEK Creator dashboard will empower artists with more tools to generate income from their fans and artistry.

CEEK enables global superstars, iconic sports teams, and influential content creators to connect with their fans through virtual concerts, NFTs and other interactive experiences in virtual worlds.This year is no different, we have some of the biggest names in music, sports and entertainment coming to their CEEK Metaverse homes, Arenas and more. The CEEK Creator Dashboard, will further empower creators with the tools needed to easily and quickly build, distribute and monetize their artistry in digital worlds.

Partner integrations allow CEEK to easily automate and connect to millions of customers globally with trusted brands. CEEK has already integrated several mobile money solutions that enable users from anywhere the ability to access CEEK solutions at any time. We continue integration to grow our users as well ensure accessibility no matter your device or geography.

The purpose of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) integration across the CEEK VR Metaverse is to reduce transaction costs particularly for micropayments for streaming content usage and tracking, artist payments and enable setting of custom packages for videos, live streams, channels and subscriptions. See more details here https://ceek.medium.com/why-ceek-is-moving-to-binance-smart-chain-bsc-6eaf50c8d7b7

Prior to this integration, each $CEEK transaction required Eth gas price/transaction fees. For example, a $9.99 purchase would require a minimum of 148 gwei / $9.16–20/05/21) which didn’t make sense for the user to pay $9.16 on top of a $9.99 purchase.

This is not a trivial task, it is a major investment in money, time and resources that impacts every aspect of the CEEK application from registration to livestreamed events to workshops and Avatar commerce.


When users register on ceek.com or the CEEK App, a BSC wallet is automatically assigned to his/her account. User can transfer CEEK to their account or purchase $CEEK for transactions. Alternately users can connect via Metamask or Trust wallet etc.

Realtime and batched payment of artists via $CEEK is more efficient and cost effective with the BSC integration. System checks the number of views/streams the artist has accrued on its platform and pay the artist accordingly via smart contracts.

CEEK Creator Dashboard www.ceek.com

Batched payment of artists via $CEEK is more efficient and cost effective with the BSC integration. System checks the number of views/streams the artist has accrued on its platform and pay the artist accordingly via smart contracts.


CEEK Land Lots NFTs

CEEK will be offering virtual land in CEEK City so that Ceekers can build, own, monetize and express themselves in a variety of ways. CEEK land parcels are NFTs that help verify ownership of the lots in the virtual world.

Lot data is contained in the NFT block, which connects each NFT to a particular lot. CEEK non-fungible tokens (NFT) are ERC-721 standard with advanced Marketplace allowing for using NFT in context of the “CEEK Marketplace” with payment using CEEK token as well.

Several token NFT functions will be realized in scope of the marketplace map component including:


· Lot status and value monitoring,

· Lot purchase, transaction process,

· Lot monitoring through back-end mechanisms

· Lot offering, special color selection and highlighting states

· Lot sales

· Lot reservation, for a specified period, the lot will be reserved due to the time needed to complete the purchase transaction


Building in CEEK City

Tools will be provided to enable renting, building and populating CEEK lots with amazing experiences that help increase the value of the lot. With virtual land poised to play a significant role in the Metaverse, we are excited to see what we will build together in the upcoming years.

The virtual reality and augmented reality markets are expected to grow to nearly $600 billion by 2025, according to industry research. The Consumer Technology Association predicts that more than 100 million Americans will become first-time VR users in 2022.

Virtual Reality headset usage continues to grow with Meta Oculus leading the way. Facebook is now Meta. They are investing $10 BILLION in the Metaverse. It is without question that Meta’s commitment to the Metaverse had accelerated the growth of our industry. We have a complete overhaul of the CEEK application for Oculus Quest, Rift and Go this year. Our goal is to remain lockstep with Meta in ushering in Web 3.0


CEEK Avatar store will be accessible through CEEK VR App and www.ceek.com

Avatars in the CEEK Metaverse are living 3D representations of Ceekers. It is your digital twin and extension of your real persona. CEEK enables the creation and customization of Avatars with a simple upload of an image. The avatar store is where you can buy fashions designed by different creators or from the retailers you already love and wear, buy art, accessories, cars, meta jets, meta yachts and any and everything you can imagine. Ceekers will have the opportunity to earn by building and designing for the Avatar store.

The world has entered a new paradigm! Fashion is one example of an entire industry reinventing itself in the Metaverse. Overproduction, pollution and waste are out and sustainability is the trend dujour with Meta fashions. In the Metaverse, designers are shifting focus to creativity with technology.


CEEK Venues www.ceek.com www.ceekvr www.ceek.io

The CEEK Metaverse is a collection of several venues, lots and experiences. This is where friends meet for concerts, workshops, discussions, dating, networking and more. Through land ownership and staking, Ceekers will be able to earn rewards by staking and maintaining venues within CEEK. Venues range from Arena, Sports centers to celebrity mansions and retail shops. Ceekers also get exclusive access to content, experiences and much more through Venue Staking.


$CEEK is the in world coin for the CEEK Metaverse. More on www.ceek.io

Like the physical world, virtual currencies are the in-world payment systems for the Metaverse. These are used for making payments and transfers for NFTs, virtual real estate, avatar shoes, digital merchandise, and others. And each Metaverse has its set of coins. Virtual currencies serve as a link between the physical and virtual worlds.

CEEK’s in-world currency is the CEEK utility token for ease of payment, efficient and seamless functioning in the CEEK Metaverse. $CEEK also offers transparency and usage tracking with an immutable digital ledger on the blockchain. With these, one can track rare digital assets. However, without these, a Metaverse will be dangled and dazed.

The Metaverse will forge connections between content creators and their audiences in a whole new way. This offers significant opportunities for collaboration, networking, and impactful interactions. Through our Metaverse multi-streaming offerings users will have the ability to interact in many new ways.


CEEK VR Enterprise Events to offer VR Conferences and collaboration tools for enterprise

The global virtual events market was valued at $94.04 billion in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.7% from 2021 to 2028. The increased need for virtual training, collaboration and communication across various industries is a major driver for this market.

CEEK’s aim is to offer VR Conferences and collaboration tools for enterprise through Microsoft Marketplace.

While CEEK’s focus has been on paid entertainment virtual events; with the release of the creator dashboard in 2022, our aim is to work with Microsoft to offer enterprise clients the ability to create, host and monetize events directly on the CEEK platform.

Benefits of VR events include removing physical venue and geographical constraints, allowing for greater revenue generation.

Ziggy Marley Bob Marley Tribute Concert by CEEK attracted 9.4 Million Viewers in 24 hours

The ApeSwap Jungleverse is an example of one of the communities, where Ceekers can earn rewards, stake, farm, burn tokens and even participate in airdrops.

VR Clubhouse — Access onCEEK VR APP www.ceek.com

A major US City is also building their city in the CEEK Metaverse. This city is home to a massive arena, motorsports and amazing tourist destinations that can be virtually experienced in the Metaverse.

CEEK is quickly becoming a VR hangout for many. It’s a safe space for discussions using avatars, a retreat for others for a wellness and mindfulness break, and much more than what we anticipated when we launched the initial entertainment Metaverse.We look forward to continuing enabling people to enjoy and use CEEK in ways yet to be imagined.

· Channel and Artist Subscriptions
· New UI for iOS and Android
· Custom Code for iOS. Apple recently ceased support for various libraries, and CEEK has created custom code to continue VR support for Apple iOS features.
· MTN Momo Pay
· Paystack Integration Paystack was recently acquired by Stripe for $300M, opening key Stripe features globally.

· All CEEK Payments and Transactions with BEP 20 $CEEK
· CEEK Native Player
· Live Multi-streaming
· Direct Messages
· Avatar Voice Chat
· Artist Dashboard
· Airtel Integration
· Updated CEEK VR 4D Headphones for improved fit, lightweight and even better performance.


Metaverse Market is estimated to be worth $8TRILLION

· Microsoft to acquire Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion in the development of metaverse platforms’

· Microsoft — CEEK Founder Mary Spio Wants to Make Virtual Reality Universally Accessible

· Facebook is now Meta

CEEK is creating mainstream utility for the Metaverse by offering an easy to use, well integrated application that is accessible via a variety of ways and partners. Our vision is to offer a truly immersive parallel world for entertainment, education, and everyday experiences. Ushering in Web 3.0 interconnected virtual worlds and visualization of ways in which we play, learn and live.

CEEK currently has access to the biggest names in music, major award shows, sports teams, creators, devs and brands ready to offer unique experiences and opportunities for the community to own, earn rewards, while enjoying truly unique experiences.

We understand the tremendous magnitude of the undertaking. We are excited by the great progress and even more excited by the opportunities ahead.

We know it will not be overnight, but we are prepared to continue the commitment to the long road ahead.

Thank you for your understanding, patience and for coming along in making CEEK — THE NEW REALITY!!!

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