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The Road to Billions — www.ceek.io

Thank you Ceekers for this period of growth. We are deeply grateful for the continued support from our phenomenal community. What a journey it’s been to the top of the charts! We are the #1 virtual reality token and the #7 Metaverse token. CEEK has been extremely busy securing the world’s top music artists, sports leagues, crypto communities and industry partners, developing photorealistic avatars, venues, CEEK city, unique and exclusive events, experiences and creating rare, immersive NFTs for Ceekers.

Welcome to the CEEK Metaverse

CEEK is a fully immersive virtual community where users can play, learn and live together in shared social spaces, participating in everything from test driving cars to buying homes and attending concerts and sports games. The CEEK metaverse connects creators to their communities in shared virtual worlds and spaces.

Using the CEEK token, community members and creators alike can earn rewards through unique experiences, NFTs, live events and much more. The CEEK Metaverse goes beyond entertainment, it encompasses opportunities to learn and play in all ways and forms.

Learn more at www.ceek.io

CEEK is the utility token used throughout the network for transactions and interactions. It will be used across the network by creators, developers, and partners for the community-based platform of rewards and an ecosystem for sharing truly rare and unique NFTs, events, and experiences. CEEK is an ERC-20 utility token built on the Ethereum blockchain. We are in the process of transitioning to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

See bridge here — https://bridge.ceek.io/

Our aim is to ensure all CEEK marketplaces use smart contracts for all transactions. This open marketplace for creators and developers will allow for faster, efficient and secure payments.

CEEK currently has over 200 Music Artists, Crypto communities, Major Award Shows, Sports Teams, Retailers and more ready to offer unique experiences and opportunities for the community to own, earn rewards, while enjoying truly unique experiences.

CEEK Metaverse for Socializing, Networking and Events www.ceek.io www.ceek.com

CEEK is creating mainstream utility for the Metaverse and crypto by offering an easy to use, well integrated application that is accessible via a variety of ways and partners. Our vision is to offer a truly immersive parallel world for entertainment, education, and everyday experiences. Ushering in Web 3.0 interconnected virtual worlds and visualization of ways in which we play, learn and live.

We are in essence building the VIRTUAL WEB for and with our partners; a series of interconnected applications that will ultimately create the Meteverse.

The next steps in our journey to bring billions of people together is to complete features and milestones that will drive continued growth and value for $CEEK.


Phase 1 — Payments Integration
We are undergoing a complete overhaul of the CEEK mobile app and network to make it super easy for Ceekers to access and use CEEK no matter their device or geography. We’ll have many incentives for spending CEEK versus other forms of payment. Users will be able to buy from exchanges as well directly from all CEEK platforms.

o BSC Integration — We are working on fully integrating several forms of payment including Binance Smart Chain (BSC) into our payment platform. See — Why CEEK is Moving to Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

o Tier 1 Exchange Listing — CEEK is an opportunity for millions of people to have their first crypto experience, we are in discussions with top exchanges to make the process easy and seamless.

o ETH Support — We will continue to offer support for Eth particularly in the NFT marketplace.

o Mobile Payments — CEEK is a global platform with varying revenue streams to empower creators, developers, and brands in generating fair value for their work. An essential aspect of that is the CEEK token and integration with various mobile money platforms.

o App Store Payments — Supporting all app store payments in securing CEEK for use on the platform.

o Multi-Platform Support (Ongoing) — Multiple access points and formats including 2D, 360 VR, True 3D and interactive Virtual Reality

o CEEK Wallet — Ability to connect to CEEK Metaverse using Metamask, Trust wallet etc and also send and receive CEEK directly.

o CEEK City, Venues and Land NFTs — Personal galleries, storage and display of collectibles. Venue ownership, exchanges, staking, earn rewards and more.

o Additional Partner Coins

o Multi-Network Support (Ongoing)

Phase 2 — A Creator Enabled Ecosystem

CEEK Creator Dashboard www.ceek.com

CEEK Creator Dashboard
CEEK is building a toolset and guides for content creators to easily build, deliver and monetize unique experiences, virtual worlds, and rare digital merch (NFTs) — no matter where they are in the world.

This aims to attract partners with tremendous communities. Partners can engage in richer experiences with their communities and Ceekers will have access to bigger and better experiences hanging out with their favorite music, sports or movie stars, visiting VIP areas, exclusive NFT drops and more. We believe the Creator Dashboard will serve as an excellent form of marketing.

CEEK has already secured hundreds of music artists, sports leagues and major crypto communities to make CEEK their home in the virtual web.

Hosted Events (Multi-Stream Engine)
Enable music artists, DJs, Tech Talks, Award Shows, Fashion Shows, Crypto Summits, and brands to host live events and rich experiences for our highly active and enthusiastic community with game changing blockchain integration which offers event hosts transparency, faster payments and greater financial control.

The CEEK Multi-Stream Engine has intuitive tools for scheduling events in various venues, cities, and worlds. Users create and distribute their event once, and CEEK makes it available to all supported devices and partners.

Creators can earn more and faster payouts by creating events, owning and maintaining venues. These venues range from amphitheaters to futuristic spacestations and intimate settings for small group of friends to hang out.

NFT Marketplace
Web-based application that allows creators to upload, publish, and sell their creations as BEP 20 or ERC 20. Collections can be stored and displayed in their Metaverse spaces.

CEEK Avatar Marketplace
CEEK photorealistic avatars are virtual extension of Ceeker physical identities, and the avatar marketplace will allow offer rare and unique asses (NFTs) to customizecharacters.

Phase 3 — Continued Global Expansion
Our goal is to be on 100 million devices in short order and billions of devices thereafter. To that end we have partnered with leading headset makers, and building for desktop, tablets, and mobile devices.

CEEK for Enterprise
o Microsoft — CEEK has been working with Microsoft on developing CEEK for enterprise applications. See announcement here from Microsoft CEO on some of the work we have been doing.

o Brands — Retail brands are looking to engage their customers for shopping for clothes, jewelry and more through virtual twin stores. This will bring an influx of millions of everyday users of the CEEK network. Transaction fees will be charged for all transactions

Phase 4 — Dynamic Social Experiences
Equipping our current VR clubhouses, hangout spaces with voice chat and real-time multi-user interaction. Exclusive events and experiences, live social hangouts, chill space, and VR clubhouses where CEEK token holders can socialize, chat and interact with friends and their favorite stars in real time.

We are also investing in development of AI language translations of the CEEK Metaverse to further engage our global communities.

Phase 5 — Open Framework
Provide a developer hub and SDK for open-source development of Metaverse experiences, worlds and more.

CEEK Developer Hub

CEEK’s platform is built on a proven scalable infrastructure and decade-long track record of stellar content creation and distribution for Microsoft XBOX, Facebook, Tribune News Company (parent of LA Times), Toyota, Clear Channel and over 200 radio stations.

Analytics — CEEK’s backend analytics will provide deep insights, interaction time, heat maps and other visual telemetry on how users are interacting with environments and media views for auto reporting and other label services. Aggregated transactions across multiple platforms will be available through the CEEK block explorer.

Future Milestones
· VR Space Academy
· CEEK Studios
· Blockchain Metaverse Alliance

Metaverse Market Overview
We are excited by the recent developments such as Facebook now becoming Meta, Microsoft’s foray into the Metaverse and Byte Dance(Tik Tok) acquisition of Pico VR to enter the Metaverse.

The global Metaverse market size is expected to grow to $829B by 2028. Today there are over 660M people with metaverse accounts, and CEEK is very well positioned to offer these account holders events and experiences well beyond entertainment.

Through our easy-to-use mobile app and products, CEEK serves as an industry partner and the on-ramp to the virtual world, driving growth and creating long term value for our partners who can shortcut their sales process by marketing to our users.

Through our enterprise application we are offering media conglomerates and other content creators the opportunity to get into the VR marketplace and create high premium VR content through smart contracts which require CEEK coins


Accessible — For the Metaverse to be successful, it must be easily accessible — that means on all devices, with and without a VR headset. CEEK’s Mission is to make the Metaverse universally accessible and useful for everyday use no matter where you are in the world.

Interoperable — Creation of premium 360 VRAR Content is a difficult, expensive and multivariable challenge requiring both creative and technical expertise. The VR marketplace is highly fragmented, further compounding the problem. CEEK makes it possible for creators to build once and distribute to multiple virtual worlds without the need to invest millions or time and expertise building and maintaining multiple apps for different devices.

Access and discovery of VR content is very challenging for consumers. Downloading multiple sizable apps is frustrating and impractical. With CEEK users can have the same experience, even interact with others no matter the device.

CEEK is creating the Blockchain Metaverse Alliance which is a group of leading blockchain projects focused on metaverse with the intention of bringing blockchain integration to mainstream offerings, such as gaming, movies, music, and more. Think of it as a group of really good, vetted projects that are aligning to bring something great to the masses via the metaverse.

Scalable — For widespread adoption of the Metaverse, users will need content to be inclusive and mass appeal. CEEK is about helping our users enjoy more of what they love by creating a world that is as close to real as possible, yet magical; to be enjoyed virtually. Today VR content availability is far and in between. By carefully creating original content, porting over compelling content, curating, and offering exciting content CEEK addresses the frustration of having to sift through various apps and websites to find VR Content.

The CEEK world will be fully reactive, using AI and machine learning to automatically detect the video’s content to reflect elements in the environment. If it’s raining in the video, it will rain in the environment. We will also enable geo-spatial detection such as proper time of day.

Sustainable — For the metaverse to be sustainable, it must offer motivation for everyday use. CEEK is well positioned to offer visually delightful social experiences in and out of the Metaverse. VR adds sensory engagement to the musical experiences. Music historically drives new platform use because of its universal appeal and frequent often daily use. CEEK aims to offer inclusive content that is owned and directed by the community along with social spaces that can be enjoyed every day

Social — CEEK virtual venues create the communal experience of socializing and networking. They are destinations to meet with friends and be in the same shared space with new ones. Adding voice chat will enable more natural everyday interaction.

To Infinity and beyond…

Today, more and more people are looking for ways to permanently bring their virtual worlds into their real lives. CEEK is researching light field projection, so that in the not-so-distant future, your cryptokittie, can leap out of your wallet and acually walk around your house.


Our long-term growth path is predicated on you our valued community, with that in mind, every step is aimed at reaching new audiences, creating new revenue streams and experiences to delight you.

Imagine, we are just getting started. There’s a lot more in store to drive awareness and excitement of all things CEEK. We can’t wait to share, stay connected on our socials.




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