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CEEKLAND — Let’s Build Together


CEEK is an all-inclusive Metaverse in which creators can own, build, and monetize their experiences in virtual worlds using CEEK, the in-world utility token for the CEEK METAVERSE. The CEEK community is always looking for new, engaging, and immersive content to explore in the Metaverse. The CEEK team hopes to see rapid growth as you — the community — create, host, and develop the events and experiences you want to see. Independent (or group) landowners will be able to create unique experiences alongside our partners, superstars and influencers and their fandom as we all define the Metaverse together.

CEEK Metaverse already allows users to access content and experiences at CEEK.com and the CEEK VR App from the likes of Lady Gaga, Ziggy Marley, Daddy Yankee, and Luis Fonsi with future content coming from artists including Future, Kodak Black and J Balvin and more superstars.

See more superstars already hosting content and live events here https://www.ceek.com/stars/


Phase 1 of the CEEKLAND Sale starts on July15, 2022 at 14:00 UTC. Prospective landowners may create CEEK accounts at www.ceek.com ahead of the sale for seamless login during the land sale. * The land sale will be accessed from land.ceek.com using the www.ceek.com login information. CEEKERS can use MetaMask or their CEEK Wallet for purchases initially, with additional wallets to be added in the future.

The land sale will be accessed from land.ceek.com using the www.ceek.com account
  • Registering for a www.ceek.com account is a necessary aspect of the process that gives prospective land buyers/developers access via the CEEK VR App once spatial exploration of land becomes available. Additionally, it will facilitate many functions and features for landowners and CEEKERS.

ONLY CEEK will be used for the initial landsale, with BNB, ETH and other token integrations for other NFT marketplaces such as Binance NFT, Open Sea etc to attract more CEEKERS to CEEKLAND. Additionally ONLY CEEK will circulate in the CEEK Metaverse

Some land will be available via auction while others will have a set price and will be available for immediate purchase. Auctions will span 24 hours and winners will be determined after the allotted time.


Welcome to CEEKLAND — Let’s build together !!!

High-profile landowners, such as megabrands, cities, entertainers, educational partners and advertising agencies representing megabrands, will help drive users to the CEEK Metaverse. A few notable tenants include one of the world’s largest social media platforms, a prestigious university, skills academy’s by world-class elite athletes, many stellar superstars, ad agencies and much more.

With CEEKLAND available for access through partner platforms, the CEEK Metaverse will offer exciting opportunities for landowners. For example, integration with Microsoft Marketplace will provide additional opportunities for live events, educational seminars, conferences and more.


There are a total of 10,000 Parcels in Downtown CEEKLAND. This is the first area that will be sold, with minting done in phases. There are 7 types of land within CEEK, each with varying rarity and reward opportunities.

Percentages after transaction fees and allocations.



The location of land creates varying utility and opportunities. For example, if you plan to build a game on water, then you should consider purchasing land near the ocean to take advantage of the water source in order to achieve maximum benefit.


The popularity of a location depends on the events taking place there. For instance, celebrity villas, sports and concert arenas will be popular, given the variety of events that will frequently happen there. Additionally, celebrity venues can vary in popularity, depending on the celebrity’s fanbase. Land near these facilities will be popular to buy and will likely grow in value due to the traffic in their proximity.


Venue rarity will depend on the location, size and popularity. Some lands will be rarer than others. Most venues are 1 of 1 and thus highly rare. The rarity is based on the total number of plot sizes that are that size (e.g., venues that are 1 of 1 are the most rare, followed by 20 x 10’s and so on.)


Landowners will have certain benefits depending on the size of their land. In addition, most rewards are based on the size of the property.


CEEK landowners will have many opportunities to earn rewards by facilitating shows, events, concerts, creating NFTs, games and creating other custom and unique experiences.


● A 5% fee will be charged for all transactions in the CEEK Metaverse, which will go towards community rewards, incentivizing creators and sustaining the CEEK ecosystem.

● Landowners will earn 3% — 20% of tickets sales for events hosted on their property depending on the size of the property.

● Additional Landowner rewards are determined by block type shown above.


CEEKLAND will have many gamified systemfeatures and experiences that landowners may easily enable to continuously earn more rewards within their venues and land.

Ceek NFT gems and MetaSwag will help CEEKERS unlock rewards faster

CEEKERS may purchase gems, MetaSwag, tools, glow staffs, shoes, transport, fuel packs and much more from stores, which will enable them to unlock rewards faster. For example, during an airdrop, CEEKERS with certain modes of transport will be able to move faster to hot-spot locations and lock in more rewards than CEEKERS who can only walk to the location. Additionally, certain gems will enable CEEKERS to open treasure chests filled with coins throughout CEEKLAND. The time allowed to access a chest depends on the specific gem used to access it. Gems and MetaSwag will be released periodically in the CEEK NFT Marketplace to provide CEEKERS a variety of utilities within CEEKLAND.

Light- emitting gems that enable CEEKERS to see dark areas they can harvest of ApeSwap Jungleverse farms.


There are many actions that CEEKERS can take, depending on land size. Some of these actions such as Dance packs, motion packs can be sold in various venues. For example, users can run in bigger venues and areas. Running is only available in some venues. In sports arena for example. Running is not available for small venues (for example, in a small lounge or room etc. All these system functions can be easily enabled by landowners with associated opportunities to sell these action packs to users for utility in various areas.


Treasure chests throughout CEEKLAND contain coins, rewards and swag that can be accessed with rare gems which can be purchased in the CEEK NFT Marketplace. Landowners may purchase chests for their venues and property, which will enable airdrops from CEEK and other tokens throughout the day and earn rewards from airdrops initiated by various partners. Landowners will also earn rewards from gems used at their facilities and land.


There are 4 types of chests throughout CEEK City that can be accessed with Gems, tools and swag. Depending on the type of land size, owners can buy chests to earn rewards from airdrops and giveaways throughout CEEKLAND

CEEK Metaverse Treasure Chest Types *Max Coin Size: Each chest contains gems with special utility and coins of various sizes (1 CEEK, 10 CEEK etc.) which will be randomized. Max coin size is the max coin denomination that can be found in a particular chest. Users can collect coins by using gems to open the chest.
Available Treasure Chest Per Land Type

Rewards will be distributed to chest owners depending on their ownership percentage. For example, Legendary chest owners will receive rewards from use of associated gems and MetaSwag in relation to their ownership of the total lot. Landowners can buy an unlimited amount of chests to host these giveaways and airdrops. The type of chest they can buy is based on their lot type as shown above.

NFT Airdrops from CEEK and other partners


All throughout CEEKLAND there will be coins, NFTs and more raining down at both scheduled and random times at various locations. Rain will also provide users opportunities to collect airdrops at a given location.


Landowners may display NFTs, products and services available throughout the CEEK Metaverse in their stores and galleries to earn rewards from sales.

CEEK Metaverse Lounges, Stores and Gallaries


CEEK Venues will be available for purchase on an ongoing basis. Each venue will have unique features, games and much more. CEEKERS can obtain coins, swag and other rewards that are only available in Chests scattered all around CEEK Venues.

CEEK Metaverse Venues Already Exist With More Being Built Daily

Landowners will be able to buy and sell parcels of venues as they become available. Each venue will have unique characteristics. Some venues will have more coins falling from the sky when it rains (airdrops) giving CEEKERS the opportunity to enter these venues and collect coins. They may buy boats, glow staffs, and other gems associated with the venue or chest, with owners earning rewards based on their ownership percentage of the venue.


Just as Rome was not built in a day, CEEKLAND will also take time to grow as we all create the Metaverse together. We anticipate the following timeline for additional updates and releases (all aspects will be ongoing):

What’s Ahead for CEEKLAND

● Buy/Sell Land — JULY 15, 2022

● Secondary Market Integration — Q3 2022

● CEEK NFT Marketplace — Q3 2022

● Metaverse Builders Academy- Q4 2022

● Creator Studio — Q4 2022

● LAND Spatial Explorer Q4 2022


● Ad Space Team — Q1 2023

● Ad Dash — Q2 2023

● Meta Oculus CEEKLAND Integration — Q2 2023

● Microsoft Marketplace — Q3 2023

This post is strictly informational, subject to change and updates and should not be construed as solicitation, guarantee or commitment by CEEK, any affiliates, any team members, any companies, or persons mentioned above. Should anyone choose to take any action, it is that person’s full responsibility to inform themselves of and comply with, all applicable laws and regulations.




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