CEEK Land User manual

ONLY BUY LAND FROM https://land.ceek.com/

Welcome to the CEEK Land User Guide. Below is information to make the CEEK land buying journey easy.

The main screen of an application. First thing is to login. You can Sign up and it will also take us to the CEEK.com site.

Main application screen

2. Basic navigation

To navigate on the map you can use minimap and the buttons on the edges of the map also.

3. Connect Metamask (optional)

ℹ️ Connect to metamask is optional. All features will work with inbuild CEEK Wallet.

First step is download the metamask by clicking on the button in the Navigation bar.

After that Metamask page opens automatically and you can install Metamask in your browser.

Now you need to install and set up Metamask.

Process is explained in the metamask instruction here

After Metamask installation and set up. You need to click Connect button on the Navigation Bar.

And after few more acceptance in metamask app — the CEEK and Metamask will be connected on this device.

4. Buying

Buying with Ceek is simple. You can do it after create an account and adding funds to your CEEK Wallet or basicly by selecting connected Metamask Wallet. Buying by Metamask requires additional acceptance in Metamask App.

ℹ️ The next two steps are for Metamask users.

5. Bidding

As a buyer we see Parcels with a “Bid Now” button.

6. Edit Parcel

If we have Own Parcel we can edit their details like Title, main picture and description.

7. Selling

Selling is one of three actions you can do in details tab when you have a parcel. Process is very simple, you only need to set a price and accept.

ℹ️ Transaction fee is a part of price you set in the dialog box.

8. Starting Auction

When we have a Parcel we can start an auction. At the beginning we set the End date and Minimal price.

Join us for on https://t.me/ceekmetaverse with any questions and feedback.



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