CEEK Defi For Music Artists — The Future For Content Creators on the Blockchain

4 min readSep 1, 2020


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Decentralized Finance or DEFI has been a hot craze storming the crypto space with millions of dollars pouring into the biggest DEFI projects. But very few of these platforms are connected to real world value. CEEK VR is Defi for content creators and entertainers in Virtual Reality, with integrations and partnerships with widely known companies such as Microsoft, Universal Music Group and T-Mobile.

CEEK VR is a pioneer in VR music and entertainment described as the “Ticketmaster for VR.” A step back shows that CEEK isn’t just a content marketplace for VR content, it’s the first decentralized finance platform for content creators and music artists that removes middle men so content creators can get to their audience and also be paid through smart contract.

CEEK aims to solve an age old issue of trust for content creators using streaming software. Many are faced with not being able to monetize their work on 3rd party platforms, while the other issue is the inability to authenticate royalty payments.

There’s one more problem facing the entertainment industry and more specifically music. Artists aren’t compensated equally by music streaming giants. There are a host of factors that are considered including — music genre, geographic location and other undisclosed hindrances. The lack of transparency in determining how artists are compensated for their creative works is a major issue that CEEK is seeking to provide a viable solution for.

DeFi for Music Artists www.ceek.io

CEEK VR enables content creators to monetize their work in a new way utilizing CEEK’s patented award-winning VR platform to reach audiences all over the world. In other words, CEEK unlocks a new revenue stream for artists and creators to share their work and get paid for doing so, all through Ethereum smart contracts.

CEEK’s platform enables the tokenization of smart tickets for content creators, which can then track results of their own shows and VR experiences on CEEK’s blockchain. This ensures royalty payouts to creative minds through immutable data on a ledger.

CEEK also plans to use the Baseline Protocol to securely pay artists privately while working with Microsoft Azure to track the number of tickets sold and overall views for VR content.

CEEK VR brings real world value and adoption to not only blockchain but the decentralized finance (DEFI) space. This is done in other ways besides smart contract sales.

CEEK plans to use Azure to allow artists to tokenize items like digital album covers or character avatar clothing and special collectible tokens for iconic events. This allows fans to have a memorable experience that they can save on the blockchain.

These digital items over time like traditional collectibles will gain value and if the user chooses they can sell their digital non fungible tokens (NFTs) or digital items for CEEK tokens, which then can be traded on the market for other digital currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum or used to buy more merchandise both physical and digital within CEEK city.

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What this means for the user is game changing. CEEKERS will be able to purchase authenticated merchandise while creators will be able to track their sales in real-time through the usage of blockchain technology. Through such a process, users who purchase physical items such as a t-shirt or album, will also have a digital copy connected to their blockchain user Ethereum address that is linked to their CEEK account, which can then be traded for CEEK or other items.

Once CEEK’s Software development kit is privately released for select developers later this year, these developers will be able to create VR content experiences and unique items for CEEK’s metaverse.

Further, in the future when the SDK becomes available for everyone, developers will be able to submit ideas for content while users will be able to vote on what content they want to see on the platform.

CEEK empowers users, developers, content creators and artists providing a new one of a kind experience and platform. Offering up close and personal live entertainment experiences typically reserved for those with extremely deep pockets or VIP access.

CEEK has agreements with a wide range of top music artists and labels, including U2, Elton John, The Killers, Bon Jovi, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry, as well as an abundance of independent artists.

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