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Today it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t heard of bitcoin or NFTs, we are headed into a virtual future that is irrefutable.

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Cryptocurrency has two sides in popular culture. On one side there is the traditional financial system which has a vested interest in maintaining the status quo for the greater global economy. On the other side is an entirely new technological approach that doesn’t just stand to revolutionize finance, but to move human civilization forward in a new and exciting manner.

Cryptocurrencies aren’t just the future of finance; they hold the key to unlocking an even greater human…

CEEK VR Metaverse —

Mark Zuckerberg Just Announced He Wants to be a Metaverse Company like CEEK VR. Here’s why am excited!!!

Facebook to become Metatverse company

Back in 2015 I proposed the idea of the Metaverse to Facebook and entered the Oculus Mobile challenge.

It took Facebook a while, but they’ve gradually implemented features such as venues, avatars, social VR etc


I’m excited about this because a rising tide raises all ships. Once Facebook brings billions into…

Your Questions Answered

After announcing our move to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), we have received many questions as to how this move affects CEEK token holders, the differences between the CEEK BEP20 token and the previous ERC20 token, and other related questions. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions to help our supporters, gain a better understanding of this change to the CEEK ecosystem. As always, if you have more questions, please let us know!

Why should I convert my tokens to BEP20?
As we discussed in a previous post, the move to the Binance Smart Chain was… for more info

We’ve worked tirelessly at CEEK to provide users with an incredible metaverse experience by partnering with amazing artists and creators. While we’ve been happy with how CEEK has operated on the Ethereum blockchain to-date, it’s clear we need a change.

This year, as a way to lower user costs and transaction fees, CEEK will be migrating to Binance Smart Chain (BSC). As such, we will be converting all CEEK ERC20 tokens to BEP20 tokens (more on that in the upcoming weeks). …

What are NFTs and why is everyone excited about it?

While non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have garnered significant attention over the past year, this recognition isn’t without warrant. NFTs are already changing the way we look at art and collectibles, and this trend is predicted to continue. Recently, we have seen NFTs sell for very high prices, like a digital piece of art which recently sold for $69 million. But the impact of this new technology will be felt more broadly than in just the world of art and collectables.

CEEK OUTLOOK — Setting Sail for an Epic 2021🚀

CEEK is a streaming platform for virtual events and Virtual Reality experiences

Hello 2021. We’re very excited about the year ahead. CEEK is already off to a great start with more amazing partnerships, events, content and much more to unpack over the next few months.

CEEK is a streaming platform for virtual events and Virtual Reality experiences featuring the biggest names in music, sports and entertainment from around the globe. Our mission is enabling content creators to directly generate revenue from a global audience on multiple devices including VR Headsets, Smart TVs, gaming consoles, mobile and desktop devices.

We do so by enabling…

Funding Organic Growth Through Mega-Partnerships

CEEK VR has worked with tech giants including Google, Apple, Facebook, HTC, Universal Music and T-Mobile

As it’s been well documented, there are many challenges when it comes to raising capital, especially for women and minorities and especially in the early stages of a startup.

I’ve overcome this by funding my company’s growth through mega-partnerships with global giants including Facebook Oculus, Universal Music, T-Mobile, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft. Solving problems facing major companies with your startup is an avenue for funding growth for consumer-facing startups, not just enterprise applications. …

Use CEEK Tokens for Bon Jovi 360 Virtual Reality Experience on CEEK Virtual Reality App

Decentralized Finance or DEFI has been a hot craze storming the crypto space with millions of dollars pouring into the biggest DEFI projects. But very few of these platforms are connected to real world value. CEEK VR is Defi for content creators and entertainers in Virtual Reality, with integrations and partnerships with widely known companies such as Microsoft, Universal Music Group and T-Mobile.

CEEK VR is a pioneer in VR music and entertainment described as the “Ticketmaster for VR.” A step back shows that CEEK isn’t just a content marketplace for VR content, it’s the first decentralized finance platform for…

Ceek is available on Bancor and other exchanges

Today video streaming companies like Zoom are worth more than the 7 biggest airlines, Zoom is worth a whopping $48.8 Billion in valuation. The global pandemic lockdown has removed the luxury of choice for many of us in how we communicate, interact and entertain ourselves, driving a rocket boom of video streaming apps like Tik Tok, Twitch and CEEK VR.

Well before the COVID-19 pandemic, CEEK was building a blockchain enabled streaming platform for virtual reality events and experiences and enabling performers and content creators to extend the reach of their content globally. …

Hello Ceekers, we’re pleased to announce Jersey rock veterans Bon Jovi has premièred a live virtual concert from their brand-new album including ‘Limitless’ on and the CEEK VR App. The band recently announced their new record, Bon Jovi 2020.

The Bon Jovi Virtual Reality experience on the CEEK VR App continues our mission is to make virtual reality experiences universally accessible and enjoyable.


Premium Destination for Virtual Reality Music Concerts, Entertainment & Education 1st blockchain marketplace for premium VR Experiences & Interactions.

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