Thank you Ceekers for this period of growth. We are deeply grateful for the continued support from our phenomenal community. What a journey it’s been to the top of the charts! We are the #1 virtual reality token and the #7 Metaverse token. CEEK has…

Mark Zuckerberg Just Announced He Wants to be a Metaverse Company like CEEK VR. Here’s why am excited!!!

Back in 2015 I proposed the idea of the Metaverse to Facebook and entered the Oculus Mobile challenge.

It took Facebook a while, but they’ve gradually…

Your Questions Answered

After announcing our move to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), we have received many questions as to how this move affects CEEK token holders, the differences between the CEEK BEP20 token and the previous ERC20 token, and other related questions. Here are some of the most commonly…

CEEK OUTLOOK — Setting Sail for an Epic 2021🚀

Hello 2021. We’re very excited about the year ahead. CEEK is already off to a great start with more amazing partnerships, events, content and much more to unpack over the next few months.

CEEK is a streaming platform for virtual events…

Funding Organic Growth Through Mega-Partnerships

As it’s been well documented, there are many challenges when it comes to raising capital, especially for women and minorities and especially in the early stages of a startup.

I’ve overcome this by funding my company’s growth through mega-partnerships with global giants including Facebook Oculus, Universal Music, T-Mobile, Apple, Amazon…


Premium Destination for Virtual Reality Music Concerts, Entertainment & Education 1st blockchain marketplace for premium VR Experiences & Interactions.

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